Korzyści dla klienta   With e-⁠FOLLOW Toshiba gives users full flexibility when printing their documents. After submitting a print job there is no need to walk up to to a specific system to collect it. e-⁠FOLLOW saves the print job on a server and it is up to the user, when and at which system he would like to print. In addition, it is also possible to then modify the number of sets which should be printed, whether the document should be printed duplex or simplex, in colour or not, or even if the job should be saved for later reprinting. Of course, the print job can also simply be deleted, e.g. because it has be replaced by a newer version.     Advantages for administrators   e-⁠FOLLOW also has extensive features which support the easy intergation and administration of this software. The intuitive, webbased interface allows administrators to create user groups and manage user rights and quotas.
And thanks to predefined reports, it is easy to summarise the usage by system or user. To optimise your usage the reports will give an valuable information such as an overview of the print volume or colour and duplex usage of the entire print fleet.     e-⁠FOLLOW is available in two versions:   e-⁠FOLLOW Essentials is your entrance ticket to the world of output management. Basic features give you access to secure pull-⁠printing functionality and simple reporting on the usage of your systems. For larger companies with more complex print environments e-FOLLOW Professional is the perfect solution as it supports multiple servers and domains. Complex cost control features and scheduled reporting turn this application into more than a simple pull-printing solution. Printing rules give you additional control over the companies document output.

Light-weight follow-me printing solution for flexible document output

Intuitive usage of all features via the MFP control panel

Sophisticated yet easy to use web-based administration

Quota management per group, device and user for accurate
cost control



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