e-BRIDGE Capture & Store

e-BRIDGE Capture & Store

In today’s business environment a lot of paper based information needs to be integrated into your workflows. e-BRIDGE Capture & Store is the perfect application to digitise paper documents and integrate them into your document management applications.

e-BRIDGE Capture & Store simplifies and automates the processing of selected documents. Starting with the capturing of a paper document with the touch of a single button, the document is automatically processed based on users' requirements and then stored in the designated place. This simple three steps process includes many automation possibilities in the document processing (zonal OCR, barcode recognition, etc) and interacts with various applications (CRM and Document management) for the document delivery.

Bridge the gap between paper documents, scanned files and your Document Management System

Streamline the processing of business critical information

Control every step of your document workflows to increase efficiency

Scan, route, store, locate and release your documents intuitively



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